The Secrets of Happily Married Men:
Eight Ways to Win Your Wife's Heart Forever
by Scott Haltzman

As with many of the books I recommend and choose to Review on the website, I personally know (and like) the author of this book. I have a general bias that the value of a book is not based solely on the quality of its content, but also on the character (quality) of the author. In this case, Scott Haltzman is a genuine person trying to help others.

Having said that, I want to hasten to add that this book clearly stands tall on its content alone. In fact, it's one of the only relationship books written by a man, about men, and for men that does not in any way bash women or serve to deepen the divide between the sexes.

In fact, I highly recommend that every wife read this book as well. I believe it will go a long way toward helping us women go beyond "tolerating" the differences between us and our husbands, leading us to be more "understanding" of the differences—and diminishing our often felt-need to be critical. (The book can build a bridge of mutual understanding between men and women that can make a tremendous difference in the quality of our marriages.)

I'll close by sharing the formal "endorsement" I have provided for Scott to use in promoting the book.

This book is brilliant! Itís that rare "relationship book" that men will actually LIKE. It provides a blueprint for applying the natural strengths used to be successful at work in being successful in marriage. And as an extra bonus, it provides insight into the age-old question of "what women want"—as well as practical ways to respond without giving up who you are as a man.

This book also should be read by every wife who wants to better understand her husband and wants more from her marriage. Frankly, if all married couples read this book and followed its guidance, the divorce rate would plummet like a rock and the level of satisfaction in marriage would skyrocket.

Please note that this glowing review comes from someone who has read thousands of self-help and/or relationship books during the past 50 years (often being critical of the shallowness of the advice)—and deems this to be one of the Best!

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