Surviving Infidelity:
Making Decisions, Recovering from the Pain
by Rona Subotnik and Gloria Harris

As with many of the books I review, I know and respect these authors. In fact, I have known Rona for a decade—and we interact on both a personal and professional basis. I often recommend people to her for counseling.

The information in this book is solid and has stood the test of time, having first been published in 1994 and now available in its third revised edition.

This book clarifies how all extramarital affairs are not the same and do not call for the same response. They examine:
—the different kinds of affairs (and why they happen)
—the effects of an affair on the marriage
—strategies for coping with hurt and betrayal
—life after an affair - from deciding whether to continue the marriage to undertaking the challenge of rebuilding it.

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