Marriage Shock:
The Emotional Transformation of Women Into Wives
by Dalma Heyn

This book explores why the institution of marriage is in crisis—and what can be done about it. It points out that two-thirds of all divorces are initiated by women—not because of bad relationships, but due to the hidden constraints and expectations of the "institution" of marriage itself. The compassionate conclusion is that marriage can be saved only when we stop trying to "fix" wives so they fit into it—and instead fix marriage to embrace and nourish wives.

While this book is not even remotely anti-male or anti-marriage, it suggests that the only way we can "save" marriage is by radically overhauling it. It explains how we can reinvent our most rigid institution so that both spouses will have marriages in which they can thrive. This book is important for those couples who want to save their marriages as well as for everyone who is concerned about saving the institution of marriage.

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